Driving Performance by Measuring Well Being


We’ve recently found that by including the overall wellness of employees in our metrics we can discover one of the true measures of engagement.  Research has shown the wellbeing metric is also a key indicator of individual and organizational performance, but how to do you actually measure the wellbeing of a workforce?  And how do these engagement measures relate to the actions you’re trying to harness?  Join us and learn how linkage analysis identifies possible correlations between your employee survey data and data from your HR and business systems to provide key insights into the true state of your workforce.
You will learn:

  • The key indicators in engagement metrics that can link with the behavioral actions you’d like to foster
  • The specific metrics that allow you to focus action where it’s needed to get results
  • How to measure the wellbeing of an organization and how to best leverage these metrics for increased engagement and performance


  • Metrics and standards you can replicate to gauge wellbeing and forecast performance
  • Linkage analysis tool to find correlations between behaviors and organizational goals


Christopher Rotolo

Vice President Enterprise Organization Development, PepsiCo