Courageous Leadership in HR… It’s Necessary, It’s Scary, It’s Hard, It’s Time!


BP, Equifax, Theranos, Uber, United Airlines, Wells Fargo… Except perhaps for their competitors, no one finds joy or entertainment in the scandals and preventable disasters that have befallen these organizations. Yet, if we’re not mindful of lessons they’ve learned the hard way, lessons that in each case materially involved HR, we’re likely to relive some of the same mistakes, at great personal cost.
This isn’t your typical feel good, syrupy conference session. Rather, it addresses some of the hard realities facing HR executives, and those who aspire to that role today, presented by someone who has been there, done that, and written the book.
Bill Catlette will challenge you to:

  • Become a more respected and courageous leader by thinking now, before a crisis hits, about the things that you’re willing to go to the mat for
  • Redefine the role of HR in your organization and improve your own career arc by developing a reputation as a compassionate, competent, no-nonsense professional skilled in building positive cultures and leading people


Bill Catlette

Co-author of the Contented Cows leadership book series