Be the Change You Seek


From Atlassian’s founding 16 years ago, its executives and employees have lived by values that include encouraging everyone to “be the change they seek.”  Beyond simply identifying problems for someone else to solve or pointing out areas ripe for innovation, Atlassians themselves are expected to devise innovative ways to make their jobs, projects, team, even company-- better.  Managers continually look for ways to tap team members’ potential, to help them stretch and flourish.
You will learn:

  • The business impact when employees connect so overtly to a company’s mission
  • Three key relationship-oriented attributes and three key task oriented attributes that drive teams (and individuals) to perform at their best
  • Tools and practices that HR can adopt to support a research project
  • How collaboration with employees beyond the walls of the HR function contributes to delivering a far better product


Helen Russell

Chief People Officer (CPO), Atlassian