Sarah Devereaux

Head of Executive Development Programs, Google

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Google's g2g “Googlers-to-Googlers” Program: A Lesson in Community, Culture and Trust

At Google, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and develop, no matter where they are in the world, or the organization. Google’s g2g program (“Googlers-to-Googlers”) is an internal volunteer teaching network of over 6000 Google employees who make that possible. These Googlers dedicate a portion of their time to helping their peers learn and grow; all outside of their core job responsibilities. Nearly 80% of all internal training at Google is provided through the g2g community - whether it's by teaching courses, providing 1:1 mentoring, or designing learning materials. So what’s the secret? The answer is actually pretty simple; trust people to do great work, given them the tools they need to do it well, help them understand how it connects to the big picture, and then step aside and watch the magic happen. 

You will learn:

How Google...

Provides learning at scale through community-driven initiatives
Recruits the ...

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