Roy Zambonino

Sr. Solutions Consultant, PeopleFluent

Mr. Roy Zambonino is a Sr. Solutions Consultant with PeopleFluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions division and has over 18 years helping implement Affirmative Action and Diversity programs for companies ranging in size from a few thousand to several hundred thousand employees across a variety of industries.

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The Four Different Maturity Stages of a Diversity Program

October 14, 2015 | Roy Zambonino, Alex Gonzalez

Typically, an organization’s diversity program matures through four different stages of development. Do you know what stage your company’s program is at and how you can move past your current obstacles and on to the next level? New research from PRI shows what each stage looks like, how these stages change over time and what you can do to overcome challenges and improve your diversity program in your organization.