Lily McClure

Talent Development Manager, Pariveda Solutions

Lily joined Pariveda in 2011 as a member of the Talent Acquisition Team.  As the Recruiting Analyst, she led a variety of efforts to help advance systems and processes including the establishment of a new referral program, the implementation of a new applicant tracking system and a robust reporting dashboard which provided new insights for the team.

After three years in Talent Acquisition, Lily was asked to step in to the lead the Talent Development team, responsible for overseeing Pariveda’s unique performance review process and all classroom and virtual learning. Under her leadership, the team has grown and evolved into one that effectively manages and enhances current processes while also offering creative solutions to continue the advancement toward the Pariveda mission.  Over the past four years, the team has doubled in size and has consistently delivered new and innovative solutions for the organization.

In 2019, Lily will be taking her passion for and experience in developing people to the marketplace through a new Talent Development-focused offering of Pariveda.

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