Elaine Page

Vice President HR & Chief People Innovation Officer, Northwell Health

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How a Strong EVP Impacts Who We Are, What We Value, and How We Engage

As the chief people innovation officer, Elaine has focused on improving the workplace experience through a strong EVP, coined “Our Promise,” which is built around Northwell Health’s five core values.  The EVP is used as a road map of what we value, who we are, and what we expect. It allows employees to make the right decisions for the organization and provides a framework for future employees to make their own decisions and choices.  The EVP is built into the core of our culture and guides initiatives like employee mobility, talent evaluations, and recognition strategies that enables leaders to commend employees, whether for a major achievement or to simply let them know that they’ve noticed their work that day.  Join Elaine to learn the tools and strategies that enabled Northwell Heath to increase their engagement and retention numbers in this very competitive marketplace.

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Recognition tools that ...

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