Dirk Jonker

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Crunchr

Dirk Jonker is the founder of the HR reporting and analytics platform, Crunchr, and leads the data science and technology team for the firm. For over 10 years, Dirk has advised companies on the advancement of people reporting and analytics. Prior to Crunchr, Dirk worked as a consulting actuary in Towers Perrin, New York and Amsterdam.

Dirk combines a unique background of actuarial sciences, Six Sigma process optimization and data governance principles to make HR analytics accessible and actionable. Dirk’s significant areas of interest are workforce planning and potential identification, and he is currently conducting research in using artificial intelligence to predict talent attrition and finding new ways of visualizing data.

IT research and advisory company Gartner named Crunchr on its “Cool vendor in Human Capital Management, 2015” list, and in 2016 the Randstad Innovation Fund made an investment in Crunchr. In 2016, Dirk was named Dutch entrepreneurial top talent by the Dutch Financial Times.

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