Colleen Fuller

Head of Talent and Experience Transformation, VistaPrint

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Colleen Fuller


From Candidate to Employee: Building Employee Experiences that Align with your Culture

We will discuss how Vistaprint has taken a new approach to leading HR by thinking about traditional programs and services as products within an employee experience portfolio.  A critical piece of this transformation starts the moment a candidate interacts with Vistaprint, because after all, the experience of what it will feel like to work there starts well before the first day on the job. Vistaprint purposefully and thoughtfully builds employee experiences into the candidate experience to give the potential employee a taste of how they operate and allows hiring managers to assess how they might align with the cultural values. 

You will learn:

The way that Vistaprint’s Talent + Experience team is transforming the role of HR and adding significant value to the organization.
How Vistaprint has productized the employee experience, by defining outcomes and co-creating ‘the how’ with the organization to deliver faster and more ...

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