Benny Ramos

Manager - Consulting Services, Skillsoft

Benny leads a team of professionals who take interest in enhancing their careers, by enhancing the opportunities and performance of others. Benny currently partners with organizations in Western Canada and the US to help them understand how to best utilize learning technology & digital content to drive performance, and support talent management strategies by consulting on strategy, marketing, and measurement. He brings 15 years of experience in roles supporting learning including leadership development & consulting, and 10 years driving strategy around learning technologies.

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Learning, Engagement: Do More For The Modern Workforce

January 22, 2018 | Benny Ramos

The modern workforce expects modern communication that does more than provides info. Engaging experiences are a must when delivering more emotion, storytelling and personalized approaches that make messages more memorable to learners. Businesses see the need for information to be delivered in a learner-centric way, similar to a customer-centric approach,  so that it’s easy to consume and easy to embrace.