Aubrey K. Wiete

Senior Director of Content Solutions, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

Aubrey wants to help build a world where innovative ideas, voracious appetites for trivia, and unencumbered naptime rule.

As the Senior Director of Content Operations at the Human Capital Institute, she supports the strategy, design, and development of materials and tools that help HR practitioners monitor, manage, improve, and capitalize on the every aspect of the talent lifecycle. Previously, Aubrey managed the development and launch of education courses on analytics for HR, and coaching. She has authored reports on topics including career management, emotional intelligence, talent mobility, and employee engagement. Other areas of interest include the design and implementation of onboarding programs, effective team-building practices, and exploring ways to build creative and sustainable employee workplaces and cultures.

Aubrey earned her master’s degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) and is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she is not busy designing HR content, she enjoys reading, singing, Scrabble, (occasionally) running, and spending time with her family.

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