Seeing Employees as More than Their Job Description

January 14, 2014 | Karen Armon, Executive-level Career Coach | Oracle Human Capital Management
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Sarah left work exhausted. She really likes the company that she works for, but with her Master’s degree in business administration, she feels underutilized. Work is easy but repetitive, and not what she expected when she graduated three years ago. Sarah wonders if she should look for another job. She’s happy to have work; she just wishes she could do more and be seen as more than her job description.
Gallup reports that 17.2 percent of the workforce is underemployed, and Sarah is a classic example: young, over-educated, and without many prospects for promotion. Only five years ago, Sarah’s job would have been held by a high school graduate. Many underemployed people in the workforce today hold degrees that do not match current labor market demand, and believe that their degrees have not made them ready for today’s jobs.