2018 HR Call to Action Conference

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ManpowerGroup Solutions is the global leader in designing and delivering outcome-based talent-driven solutions that help our clients achieve better business results. ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which include anything from sourcing and selection to onboarding. Built upon deep recruitment expertise, our innovative approach ensures the results you need – greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience and improved talent quality.

Peakon is the simple, scientific and strategic way to maximise your employee engagement, retention and culture. The platform’s automated pulse surveys intelligently sample employee feedback, enabling a sophisticated analytics engine to deliver actionable management insights for executives and HR leaders. All level of management can access their interactive Peakon dashboards at peakon.com to receive insights and track the impact of actions in real-time.

Launched in January 2016 - Peakon already works with companies such as BMW, Cap Gemini, RBS and Harrods. The company is London, New York and Copenhagen based, and backed by Balderton Capital, EQT and Idinvest.

A platform for marketplace recruiting, Scout is a new, data-driven way to connect employers and search firms to fill jobs with great talent. Combining the power of marketplace dynamics and machine learning, Scout creates successful employer-to-search firm recruiter matches that deliver better results, improved efficiency and lower cost. Seamlessly integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems used by 90%+ of enterprise companies, Scout is trusted by hundreds of employers, including 50 Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of recruiters. For more information please visit www.goscoutgo.com 


BetterUp is the first leadership development platform to connect coaching to measurable business outcomes and lasting behavior change. Uniquely scalable and completely turnkey, we match employees at all levels with world-class coaches and evidence-based strategies best suited to your company’s culture, learning styles, and goals. BetterUp is the perfect complement to your traditional training workshops and e-learning programs. The convenience and affordability of our mobile solution means you can offer weekly development sessions to your people, turning newly-learned behaviors into sustainable habits.

ThinkHuman, Gold Underwriters

Your organization thrives when you have strong leaders at all levels, translating your vision into action, walking your organization’s walk, fostering a culture of engaged, happy, high-performing individuals + teams.

THINKHUMAN programs develop managers so that they can bring the best out of their people. Our programs target the speciļ¬c issues people leaders face and work to create real and lasting behavior change.