Performance Management

Improve performance management with ongoing feedback, goal-setting, coaching, strengths-based development, and recognition and rewards

Beyond the annual review, performance management should include ongoing feedback, goal-setting, coaching, strengths-based development, and recognition and rewards – and managers must be held accountable for these outcomes. Learn how performance management can be integrated with strategic organizational goals, rewards and recognition programs, and development and succession plans. With the help of performance management systems and social technology, you can make performance management part of day-to-day leadership.

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Three Steps to Linking Business to Talent

January 22, 2014

Effective competency management sets the foundation on which all other talent management initiatives are built. Thorough job analysis provides organizations with a common set of definitions and expectations that align all talent management ...

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Seeing Employees as More than Their Job Description

January 14, 2014 | Karen Armon, Executive-level Career Coach | Oracle Human Capital Management

Sarah left work exhausted. She really likes the company that she works for, but with her Master’s degree in business administration, she feels underutilized. Work is easy but repetitive, and not what she expected when she graduated three ...

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BlogAny Given Work Day

On Any Given Work Day You Can Focus on the Fundamentals

January 9, 2014 | Andrew Bateman | HCI

The Fundamentals. Back to basics. These are clichés thrown around the business world as much as they are the world of professional sports.  It is so common to hear these concepts come from the pages of success stories that there must be some merit to them. But how do you go back to basics?

Executive InterviewExecutive InterviewRestricted to Corporate Members

Courage: The Most Important Business Virtue

In this Executive Insight Video, Bill Treasurer, Author and CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) at Giant Leap Consulting, introduces the foundational idea behind his work:  Courage is the most important business virtue, and then goes on to ...

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BlogTwo Thumbs Up CEO

CEO: Chief Encouragement Officer

December 11, 2013 | Bill Treasurer | HCI

It happens fairly regularly. I’ll hand my business card to someone, wait a beat, and watch them smile as they read my title - Chief Encouragement Officer.