Performance Management

Improve performance management with ongoing feedback, goal-setting, coaching, strengths-based development, and recognition and rewards

Beyond the annual review, performance management should include ongoing feedback, goal-setting, coaching, strengths-based development, and recognition and rewards – and managers must be held accountable for these outcomes. Learn how performance management can be integrated with strategic organizational goals, rewards and recognition programs, and development and succession plans. With the help of performance management systems and social technology, you can make performance management part of day-to-day leadership.

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Manager Accountability is Pivotal to Successful Performance Management

October 15, 2015 | Vicki Foley, A.C.C., Carla Lorek

If the traditional, annual way of approaching performance management is not working and managers are not engaging their employees in regular performance and development discussions that they crave, how can we expect our employees to be engaged, perform well, and develop their potential? More importantly, what are organizations doing to make sure managers are held accountable for performance management and as developers of talent?


Put Analytics into Practice: How to Tie Learning to Tangible Business Outcomes

According to HCI’s annual Learning and Development Report, evaluation of the impact of learning and development will be a high priority for nearly 70% of L&D practitioners over the next two years. Join this webcast to hear a panel of L&D leaders who are implementing, upgrading and maximizing their learning programs and platforms to drive organizational competitiveness, talent development and growth.

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Revolutionizing HR for a Wireless Rebel

September 24, 2015 | Ben Bratt

What’s an HR professional to do when “tried and true” HR practices are met with disinterest or even resistance?  What do you do when the pace of change all around outstrips your ability to adapt?  In this HCI Keynote ...

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