2017 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference

The Collaborative Art and Science of People Planning

For three days we'll share successes and failures from the most innovative leaders and companies. The true effectiveness of workforce planning and analytics is the ability to make better, quicker decisions.


The Irony and Urgency of HR

February 16, 2016 | Nick Horney | HCI

Leadership Agility is becoming a business imperative for an organization's leadership talent as well as the transformation of the Human Resources function.  My colleague, Gruffie Clough, and I had the fortune to recently interview Ben Hill, the VP of Talent Management for TURNER, about his company's talent challenges and solutions now and in the future.

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Building a Data Democracy at Gap Inc.

February 15, 2016 | Anthony Walter

Don’t hoard valuable workforce data to yourself; empower business leaders and HR field staff to engage in fact-based decision-making. In this HCI Keynote video, Anthony Walter, Director of Workforce Analytics at Gap Inc. describes how this ...

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Analytics for Talent Management (ATM) Certification

The Analytics for Talent Management course will target early to mid-career HR practitioners and senior HR leaders that need to build and/or enhance their knowledge of data and analytics for talent management. Individuals tasked with running analytics projects and initiatives within HR, such as employee engagement, workforce planning, and talent acquisition, as well as those that lead teams of statisticians and analysts, will also find the course helpful.

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