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Challenging Culture and Empowering Employees

April 5, 2016 | Janice Semper

How does a company of GE’s size – with more than 300,000 employees – keep pace with change, harness complexity and continue to deliver results? It requires a constant reengineering of business portfolios, operating models, and ...

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Building a Culture Around Agility

April 5, 2016 | Jeff Diana, Paul Rogers

How do you preserve the characteristics that make your organization great in the face of drastic, continuous change? How do you sustain engagement and cultural continuity when you’re hiring masses of new talent every year? In this HCI ...

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Agile HR: Developing Agility as a Leader and an Organization

March 22, 2016 | Barbara Trautlein | HCI

I’m honored to be a presenter at HCI’s Human Capital Summit in New Orleans this month. The theme is “Agile Talent Strategies for Managing Change and Shifting Priorities,” so of course that topic is top-of-mind for me. I’ll be speaking on how HR leaders can build their Change Intelligence® to promote agile talent processes, which in turn fosters business agility for their organizations, enabling rapid response to evolve products and services to meet ever-increasingly challenging customer demands in our VUCA world.


2017 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference

The Collaborative Art and Science of People Planning

For three days we'll share successes and failures from the most innovative leaders and companies. The true effectiveness of workforce planning and analytics is the ability to make better, quicker decisions.

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