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Our Mission

The mission of the Human Capital Institute is to advance the state of practice in strategic talent management. We believe that human capital is the only long-term, sustainable competitive advantage, and that most organizations around the world are struggling in this critical area. At our best, we change both paradigms and practices, and enable executives to make better, faster decisions while implementing those decisions more effectively than they could on their own.

Our Model

The Human Capital Institute is an executive association, research center and educational resource for the professionals and executives who are at the forefront of these changes. With more than 195,000 members and a premier list of clients and underwriters, we help all our partners achieve their aspirations through research, conferences, online communities and education. We are a private, highly entrepreneurial company with a history of growth and significant potential for continued expansion.

Please send cover letter and resume to: careers@hci.org

The Human Capital Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.