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Designing and Refining Talent Acquisition

Mirroring the trends in consumer behavior where people want more personalized experiences rather than “things” with mass appeal, HR must customize and individualize its talent acquisition practices. Today, most recruiting programs and strategies are overly complex, and are only designed for recruiters and compliance.

It’s time to rethink talent acquisition strategy—take an outside-in approach, starting with the perspective of the customer. What is the candidate experience? What is the hiring manager’s experience? What is the company’s experience? And, from each of those “customer” perspectives—consider: What do they need, want, and value? This approach, which integrates the needs of each of these key stakeholders, will translate into a superior and robust talent acquisition strategy.

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How to Leverage Design Thinking in Talent Acquisition: Introduction

July 24, 2017 | Maya Humes, Associate Content Marketing Manager, Lever | Lever

We’ve made it our mission to make hiring a better experience for every stakeholder in the process. Recruiters, we want you to spend more time learning about your candidate’s favorite hackathon than getting mired in scheduling hell. ...

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Designing and Refining Talent Acquisition: The Role of Design Thinking in Creating a World-Class Talent Organization

To better understand the outcomes of Design Thinking approaches when applied to the challenges of talent acquisition, we conducted a survey of over 300 HR and recruiting professionals. Join us as we reveal the results of this new research study and take your questions about Design Thinking. All registrants will receive a copy of the research report.